Monday, August 1, 2011

Skinny Chad ....

Chad is doing well in Mexico. He has lost about 60 lbs. WOW!! He is working very very hard, and loving the people.


(July 16th-23rd)

This year Ken's neice Kandus was getting married in San Diego during our week vacation. Convenient !!! So - even though Kenna wasn't back from the Trek we took off on the 16th. The next day we had the rehersal dinner at the beach (way fun !! complete with smores) and then picked up Kenna from the airport that night. She flew in just in time for the wedding the next afternoon. It was a beautiful wedding at the Bay with the water behind them. Congratulations Kandus and Shaka -- we love you !!

We missed Chad so much !! Chad is "Mr. California" and everywhere we went people asked about him. We showed lots of pictures and people took some as they looked. Ken says that the good thing about NOT having Chad with us -- was well, the food budget !!! It was great. I wanted to surprise him with a family picture with us in his boardshorts. (He's been asking me to send him a pair of his -- but my opinion, call me crazy...... A missionary does NOT need a pair of boardshorts. So, I haven't sent him any and won't be sending him any. HAHA!) So before we left I went in to his room to get a couple pairs. He had 27, yes twenty-seven pairs of boardshorts. CRAZY!! It would have been great to have a picture of a bunch of people (just complete strangers) in his shorts, but we took a family one anyway. He loved it -- but once again asked, "HEY---- SEND ME SOME OF THOSE !!!"

When we checked out of our Condo we drove to Anaheim and finally took Kenna to Knottsberry Farm. She's been wanting to go forEVER. It was fun. But, Ken and I are getting too old to do those dang rides.

Kenna finally getting her

Knottsberry Farm trip

Typical family beach time--

we're ALL asleep !!

Fashion swimwear provided by Quicksilver...

and Chad !!

LOVE this picture of our sweet 'Lena

Chip, Nicole, and Ken

Grandma Virginia and 'Lena

At the reception

Kandus and Shaka

Daddy's Princess

TREK 2011

(July 13-16)

Our Stake did a Pioneer Trek this year. Kenna went all decked out in her pioneer gear. Doesn't she look cute!! Physically it was not hard for her, and she really enjoyed it.

She was in the Rollins family

Monday, July 4, 2011

Lena turns 24 !!! (WHAT????)

'Lena had her 24th birthday yesterday. I can't believe it !!

Her favorite way to celebrate -- her favorite fast food. Yum. (NOT!) She got new sunglasses, clothes, pjs, and new notebooks and pens to write in. The 24 candles in the cake, just about caused the smoke alarms to go off. : o )

Dinner of choice ....

cheeseburger, fries..... strawberry shake.

Burning down the house....

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chad's been out 6 months !!!

Well, it is finally here. Chad has been in the mission field for 6 months !!! He is having a great time and having lots of wonderful experiences. Our best guess is that he's lost about 25 lbs. and is developing that nice, dark Mexican tan! He says his Spanish is "coming along"..... He did a practice exercise with one of the Hermana Missionaries (Sister) and she told him, "Well, I don't really know what you said.... but the Spirit spoke - and it was strong." HA! We have truly been blessed while he has been gone. The Lord is taking care of us -- we have received some "breaks" the last few months - that have really helped us. We recognize that for the true Spirit that it is. We are blessed..... We miss him horribly but love Monday's when we get to hear from him. He's being a good boy and doing like his Mother asked him -- sending pictures with every e-mail. We usually get about 5-10 pictures each week. That's such a blessing. I can't imagine when parents had to wait for snail mail. Even when his e-mails sound a little down - I can see a picture of him - smiling, laughing, enjoying life. That really helps because those don't lie. He's doing well.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chad's 20 !!!


In honor of Chad's 20th Birthday, we had a Mexican feast. (No - not fish heads..... or avacoda pasta...... yum!!) But, chili rellenos and pork green chile. And, Mom -- to really tick Chad off - sent him this picture of her enjoying a Monster. And, Kenna ... pretending to enjoy a Monster. MMHH! It was good! It was my first one since Chad's left .... honest !! We miss him so much!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chad's 1st Baptism ...

Chad did his first baptism on December 29, 2010. He had not taught the woman, but his companion really wanted him to have the experience. (Isn't that the most unselfish thing....) So - Chad enjoyed being a part of this woman's special experience. We really enjoyed talking to him on Christmas, but it opens up the wound of him being gone. He is doing really well. He is struggling with the Spanish -- of course. But - he loves the investigators and really enjoys the area he is in: Puerto Morelos. WE MISS HIM !!!